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Services provided by the music publishing house Sketis Music

Concert Agency - the organization of concerts and entertainment programs /

World Music for modern people has long been an integral part of the music menu. Armenian duduk, Balkan brass bands, Celtic piper, and performers of throat singing firmly entered the circle interests to music fans all over the world.
Our concert department has united the best musicians of the Russian ethnic scene and ready to help at the organization of their concerts. What would see the offer for the artists please go to the section Artists.

Duplication CD or DVD /

Sketis Music will help to publish a any media production. Cost of production's CD, DVD- disks and packaging them (Digi-Pak), as well as other printed products, you can learn by writing us an email via the form on the Contact page

Design, layout and printing of polygraphic production /
At our disposal are professional designers who will be able realize any design solutions. We also help you to print high-quality printing at classic Jewel Box or digipack any level of complexity and quantity in the shortest possible time.

Studio works, recording, mixing and mastering /

If you choose to record your music album "from scratch", we are happy to provide services to low-cost professional recording studio, where you can carry out the whole cycle of works with sound, up to the final product.
The same services are provided on completion of "raw" material (mixing, mastering). Also, we can co-produce your project to find suitable musicians to pick up favorable conditions for the record, to develop promotion strategy.

Digital sales, Licensing and Rights Management /

Label Sketis Music owns the rights to more than 500 composite in different styles world music. We will be glad to cooperate with all those who will decide to diversify the catalog of background music for restaurants, cafes, fitness centers, to create a bright sound to the number of video or use some samples in his music.

Cost of services /

For order to find out the prices for our services, you can write to: sketismusic@gmail.com. We will contact you!

Thank you!