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SKMR-105 Artem Uzunov «Let`s do it - Darbuka stories», 2010

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Album Artem Uzunov «Let`s do it - Darbuka stories» interesting for everyone who loves percussion music, rhythms of drums and darbuka. The idea of the album - darbuka, as a solo instrument in combination with completely different styles.

Most of the tracks on the album is music for bellydance, but there is a composition in which traditional arabic rhythms on darbuka combined with club house, rock, brazilian carnival samba and spanish motifs, mysticism and the armenian duduk, and finally with the classics ("Four Seasons" by Vivaldi ).

Compare album can be with such well-known as a dance album «Harem II - Time Of Rhythm - The Best of Turkish Bellydance», as well as the works of Safri Duo, for example (in Arabic theme) Issam Houshan & Hossam Ramzy.

In the album there are several hits such as «Let`s do it» - where there is a mix of oriental rhythms and modern club music; «Rock-n-Darbuka» - with powerful dynamics that fire, and «Summer Fantasy» - here the classic Vivaldi.

Artem often tours with his program in Russia and the CIS, where his solo compositions audiences react very rapidly! Two tracks from the album – «Let`s do it» and «Solo Darbuka» has long been posted on the Internet, and under them dancing all over the world. That's no joke, pure facts - known dancer gave master classes by the Artems tracks in Mexico, Japan, USA and Argentina. This is not to mention Russia and the CIS, where it is most popular!

Artem Uzunov - darbuka, dhol, cajon, dohola, bendir, rick, sagats, vocals, arrangements (exc. 12), mixing (exc. 1, 5, 12)
Katya Kato - vocal (4)
Ildar Shaymardyanov - duduk (19)
Alexei Morozov - Brazilian percussion (7)
Igor Nazarenko - guitar (12), arrangement (12), mixing (5, 12)

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