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SKMR-141 Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

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Track List

01. Chaa-Khol / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

02. Aazaashkyn / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

03. Chavydak / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

04. Agitator / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

05. Megechi Ham / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

06. Kyngyrgai – Kon / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

07. Kokey – Noyan / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

08. Borbak / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

09. Tulane – Shynaa / Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"


New wave of Tuvan rock
Guitar psychedelic rock, jazz and traditional throat singing of Nomads

Hartyga is the locomotive of a new wave of modern Tuvan music. Young and bright musicians of the Khartyga group delight fans of the whole world with an original musical look and powerful energy, combining native Tuvan melodies and branded throat singing with psychedelic rock.

For many people, Tuvan music is represented as an ensemble consisting of musicians in beautiful national costumes, trimmed with fur and golden threads, performing lingering steppe songs with varying from low to high timbres of different styles of throat singing. But the surprise of listeners appears when fashionable modern guys with guitars come out on stage, and their songs create unimaginable things, turning the halls upside down.

So in the 90s we met the first rock heroes of Tuva - Yat-Kha group headed by Albert Kuvezin. At that time traditional ensembles of Tuvan music were already drifting about Europe and America, and the appearance of a rock band connecting unusual throat singing with guitar riffs pretty shook the music world. Well, everything is new, it's as always, well forgotten old. We wish the boys from Hartyga good luck, and great and fiery gigs!

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