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SKMR-025 LESPROMHOZ Groove (Va-Ta-Ga project) - Perhloomance First [The Evening in Memory of Avant-Garde]

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Archetype is the thing which was always peculiar to ethnical root music. Experiment is the use of modern means of expression. All together is the alternative ethno-electric experimental project LESPROMHOZ groove.

released October 8, 2013

Leonov Alexandr -- LIVE-sampler: vocal, traditional aerophones, stringed instruments, non-traditional percussions
Derevlev Alexey - PHONE-guitar: acoustic and electric guitar, digital effects & loops, primitive aerophones and casual percussions
Sokolov Arkady - BUBEN-beat: various traditional percussion, classical percussions and non-traditional aerophones
Shelyapin Sergey - GROOVE bass: bass viol, guitar
Popov Dmitry - SOLO bass: bass viol
Kaliya Konstantin - PEPELAZa.b.: electronic drum set, analogous loops & beats effects
Pavlov Ivan - PLASTs: vinyl and CD effects & grooves
Arkhipov Georgy - SOUND effects

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