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SKMR-035 Nineva Music for Raja (2007) (feat. Yuri Rubin (Morpheus hang), Gennady Lavrentiev, Bulat Gafarov)

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The album Music for Raja is unique in its kind. In 2007, young and talented musicians in Moscow often joined together to create a new musical project. So it happened with this album.

The author and producer of the project was the Moscow musician and traveler Yuri Rubin. This happened even before his enthusiasm for the newest musical instrument of the world - hang drum (hang), and the foundation of the school-studio of the game in the Hague of the Alhambra. Now Yuri Rubin (Morpheus) is the author and leader of the musical group Algambra, as well as his solo hang drum album Morpheus Hang.

In addition to Jura, the musicians whose names are now known by every lover of contemporary Russian ethnic music have taken part in the album: Gennady Lavrentyev is a multi-instrumental musician, now he plays with the best ethnic and ethno-jazz projects in Moscow. Inna Zhelannaya, Namgar, Radik Tyulush, Seven Eight Band, Romancero Sefardi and Anna Hofmann, Marimba plus, Authentic Light Orchestra, etc.; Pavel Novikov (Pravin) - performer on the cane flute of the bansuri, as well as duduk, santura and other ethnic wind instruments, works with the group Odnono, as well as with many other ethno collectives; Bulat Gafarov - a famous ethno musician and composer, the leader of the ethno-electronic group Toke-Cha, in this album, Bulat performed violin parts in same tracks.

Теги: Russian world music, music of India, sitar, Yuri Rubin, Morpheus, hang, Algambra, Gennady Lavrentiev, Bulat Gafarov