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SKMR-087 Lampa Ladino «En Este Mundo», 2011

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...After listening to this music one can not gain some insight of a kind of music was played hundred years ago in southern regions of Balkan, it’s too modern with all drums, guitars and electric organs. This music logically flows from an ancient one. It had been evolving, similar to people and languages, and even if it can not be named absolutely Sephardic music, that is only due to the fact that all musicians are from Moscow and not from the Iberian Peninsula.


Svetlana Svirina - vocal
Gregory Sandomirsky - piano, electric organ, melodic, voice
Mariah Logofet - violin
Liza Doudkina - flute, percussion, vocal
Alexey Andreev - guitar
Ilya Vilkov - trombone
Andrey Charupa – percussion

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