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SKMR-131 Shams with Shams with Muboraksho Murzoshoev - Legendary Album, 2016

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Now legendary album with Muboraksho Shams is a true masterpiece of modern Tajik music. Vocals Muboraksho Mirzoshoeva impossible to listen to without crying, his performance of folk songs flawlessly in all respects, and the arrangement of instruments and sound just fine, that's why in the recording of the album was attended by the best musicians of Tajikistan. The album was originally published in the St. Petersburg label Kailas Records in 2004, and now we were able to re-release it, with a new sound. Remastered made our great friend, the leader of the Riga group Baraka Dmitry Evsikov.

Dmitry Evsikov: "For me, this album is a kind of standard of Tajik music, one might even say the best album of all that I have heard! So the idea to make a remaster me so fascinated and inspired. Now the dream has come true - we are working with the publisher Sketis Music reissued this wonderful album. It worked very well, and I am glad that now all who are close to the aesthetics of the "Soviet" Central Asian music will be able to enjoy the voice of prematurely departed Muboraksho! "

Muboraksho Murzoshoev  voice, acoustic guitar
Ikbol Zavkibekov  sitor, lead guitar
Anvarsho Gulyamkhaidarov  bass guitar,rubab
Yadidya Ilyaev  flute, sax
Rustam Rakhimov  percussion
Zarif Pulodov  tavlag
Djasur Khalilov  keyboards
Firuz Khalilov  tabla, trumpet
Parviz Nazarov  arranger

Recording engineer : Artur Mashrabov
Mastering : Vladimir Shlykov, sergej Lobanov at Kauri Studios (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Recorded at Shams and State TV of Tajikistan studios (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
Production:  Kailas records / Bartan Valley
Remastering: Dmitry Evsikov at Baraka Studios (Riga, Latvia)
Reissue design: Alexander Suris

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