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SKMR-002 Reel - Strannie ludi, 2002г

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Reel (is now Va-Ta-Ga) - a group of Petrozavodsk, representing a lively and vibrant music. Art-rock, avant-garde and world music, are carefully balanced. The leader of the group - Alexander Leonov plays a hand-made folk, string and wind instruments and singing Russian and Karelian songs, reconstruction of the early tradition of buffoons. Two songs - male and female - are intertwined in a single product, thus creating a completely new concept of Russian songs. The combination of different age-old Russian instruments such as the horn, harp, zhaleyka, horn, kalyuka, and the Karelian jouhikko and Sarvam (wooden Horn wrapped in birch bark) with the traditional instruments of other ethnic groups may result in the listener, a lot of deep thoughts about art, and more general meditation on the cliché-ridden way of thinking.
released September 11, 2004

Olga Gajdamak - vocals, violin
Alexander Leonov - vocals, ethnic wind jouhikko
Arkady Sokolov - percussion, background vocals
Sergei Sheljapin - kontrobas
Alex Derevlev - guitar, background vocals

Теги: Va-Ta-Ga, Reel, Alexander Leonov, Yarga, Asketics, russian world music