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SKMR-021 Чодураа Тумат «Belek / The Gift» 2005г.

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Track List

1. Khoomei (Khoomey Styles) (3:48)
2. "Uyaravas urug boor men" ("I am a girl who is never sad") (4:07)
3. Opei yry (Lullaby) (2:04)
4. Igilge ayalga "Uzun-khoyug" (Igil melody "Long and Soft") (4:17)
5. "Kanchap ijlei berbes irgi?" ("How is it that it doesn't hurt?") (4:44)
6. Kadarchynyng khuulgaazyn ygylary (Ritual calls of a herder) (4:29)
7. Ulaam-Byraam (My Ulaam-Byraa) (4:40)
8. Demir khomyska ayalgalar (Demir khomus melodies) (2:09)
9. "Eveesh nazyn erte-le beer..." (My precious years will quickly pass) (4:07)
10. "Salbaam chezhip bergen-ne men" ("I undid my salbak [hair decoration] for you") (4:39)
11. "Ajan tudar khooree chuve" (My chest that holds the music) (3:52)
12. "Suur bedik kadyr Chalam" (My steep high Chala cliff) (4:38)


Choduraa Tumat is one of the brightest personalities among the younger generation of Tyvan musicians. She has a wide range of performing abilities. Apart from being a good instrumentalist, playing many instrumentals, Choduraa performs both khoomei and folksongs. Many of Choduraa’s songs have already become popular among Tyvans. It took great creative audacity to step over the frontiers of the traditional idea of khoomei being the prerogative of men. Choduraa Tumat as also the leader of the unique all-women throst-singing group “Tyva Kyzy” (Daughters of Tyva)

Valentina Yuryevna Susukey (Candidate of Arts, member of the Union of composers of the Rassian Federation, Renowned scientist of the republic of Tyva, scientific secretary of the Tyvan Institute of the Humanitarian Research)


Choduraa is a strong woman who is passionate about her music and her country. These qualities shine through in both her singing and playing. Her considerable vocal skills range from a high hard-edged folk voice to the deep rumbles of kargyraa, sygyt and khoomei throat styles – between which she slips with masterly ease. Her voice and igil playing flow like the steppes and soar like the eagles of her native land. Or takes courage to fly in the face of gender taboo surrounding throat singing in Tyva. Choduraa is holding up a beacon for others to follow.

Dr Carole Pegg - Director of “Inner Asian music”, Senior Researcher at the University of Cambridge, England


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