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SKMR-059 Olemba - Karelian and Finnish Folksongs: Oli dielo, 2009

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The group performs ethnic traditional Karelian and Finnish songs and author’s songs. All songs are performed in three female voices (polyphony), like the famous Finnish folk band Varttina. Owing to the quality of performance, the group is on a level with popular groups, who performs north folklore. Members of the group “Olemba” worked in such groups as “Va-Ta-Ga” and “Myllärit”.


Tania Eremina-vocal,
Elena Focina-vocal,
Milia Stratsevskaia-vocal,
Igor Lednev-accordion,
Dmitriy Demin-wind-instruments,
Aleksei Zubkov-balalaika,
Sergei Sheliapin-bas,
Iigor Sakharov-drums

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