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SKMR-066 Opycham «S.t.i.h.i.»

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Voice from the deep - spiritual ancestry of Russian Old-believers.

Opycham (White Shaman) is a solo project by the Yat-Kha drummer Evgeny Tkachov. Evgeny sings ancient religious verses of Old-believers (schismatic sect of the Russian Orthodox Church) living on a Yenisei river in his native republic of Tuva. All songs are performed by Evgeny accompanied by minimalistic percussion and sounds of Tuvan nature. Deep, warm voice of the singer creates a sense of physical presence in the wild landscape of taiga forest, where man stands alone with thoughts of his soul and true meaning of life.

Теги: Opycham, spiritual poetry, Russian Old-believers, Yat-Kha, Evgeny Tkachov