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SKMR-069 Los Gaiteros de Moscu «El Trio»

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The folk tunes presented on this CD, came to us from different parts of Europe. Many of them are from Galicia - a northwest part of Iberian peninsula, well known for its picturesque mountain landscapes, cut up rocky coast, exuberant greens, molluscs, wines and Galician pipes - gaitas. "The country of thousand rivers" as writer Alvaro Kunkejro named Galicia, historically had no close contacts with other part of Spain that allowed it to preserve its own language, customs and rich musical tradition. It was Celts who lived many years ago in Galicia and influenced all art forms, including folklore and music.

Los Gaiteros de Moscu are:
Victor Kraev - gaitas gallega, clarinet, sopilka
Dmitry Ignatov – bouzouki, bass
Andrey Bayramov – drums and percussion
Maria Logofet – violin (1, 2, 3)
Konstantin Boone - didjeridoo (1, 2, 3)

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