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SKMR-074 Darky «Charizma»

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Charizma is a solo album by Alexander Medvedev Darky, musician, producer, arranger. Album includes 10 tracks, including both hard rock hard hits and instrumental ballads in the spirit of Richard Blackmore. Many well-known musicians from Tuva and Khakassia took part in the album. The best tracks of the album are Spiderman Dance with the khoomei of the great Tuvan master of throat singing Kongar-Ool Ondar, the track with Gennady Genzos Gen-Dos medley, the Russian folk song The Black Crow and the Tuvan Congrey with the powerful throaty singing of Alexey Khovalyga. In the compositions of Bell and Black Crow you can hear the vocals and throaty singing of the leader of the legendary ethno-rock group of Tuvinian Yat-Kh Albert Kuvezin.

Alexander Darky Medvedev was born and lived for a long time in Tyva, where he started his career as a rock musician: in the 90s he organized a cult hard rock band Adept Hors, with whom three albums were recorded and published. Later, Gen Dos appeared in which rock and roll combined with progressive electronics, Tuvan folklore and the throaty singing of Gennady Chamzyryn (Gendos). With Gen Dos, Sasha recorded two albums (Shizo i.d. and Bay Taiga), which were published in the music publishing house Sketis Music in 2007 and 2008. In parallel, he worked with the ethno-electronic project Ug-Shig together with the talented Tuvan musician October Saya, unfortunately official records of Ug-Shig were not produced. Even in Tuva Alexander organized a recording studio Darky Studios, which, after his move to Abakan continued successful operation of recording rock and metal bands at a new location.

Also it is necessary to note the most vivid works of Darky in the last few years: the Old Pickup folk-rockers from the Siberian hinterland, with simple, memorable tests and a convincing rhythm section, and Alexander's newest project is the meditative psychedelic rock band Hara, in which fabulous texts have found bizarre forms of improvisational art-rock. Both of these albums can also be found in the Sketis Music catalog


Alexander Medvedev – guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, voise
Albert Kuvezin – vocal (kargyraa)
Kongar-ool Ondar and "Alash" – vocals (sygyt, barbang-nadyr, ezengeler)
Gennady Tchamzyryn (Gendos) – vocal (khoomei)
Sergey Sokolnikov – vocal
Igor Karavaev – drums
Alexey Saaya – bass guitar, morinhoor, clarnet
Mikhail Skripaltschchikov – bass guitar, drums
Sergey Akulov – bass guitar
Alexey Hovalyg – vocal, igyl (kargyraa)
Roman Tchokurov – keyboard
Vladimir Muzalev – rhythm guitar
October Saaya – toschpulur

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