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SKMR-138 Victor Zadorozhny and friends - StihoDelica 2. High above the reality

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The second album of the project by Viktor Zadorozhny StihoDelica - "High above the reality" - included his own songs, as well as on the verses of Russian poets Ivan Bunin, Adam Mickiewicz, Taras Shevchenko, Georgy Mosesvili and other authors.

Zadorozhny is best known as one of the pioneers of Russian bluegrass and country music, the bass player of the Red River Valley Boys and Apple Jack bands. However, in the songs he wrote throughout his musical career, country is just one of the colors. Stylistically, his songs are very diverse, but all of them are rooted in the sound of the 60-70's era, because Victor is one of a generation of Beatles and Woodstock.

On the album "High above the reality" Victor recorded all the parts of the bass, as well as most keyboards and vocal parts. In addition to him, a whole "star cluster" of his musicians worked on the project. Among them are guitarists Yuri Krivoshein ("Lex and the team", Off Beat), Yury Novgorodsky (Backstage Band), Ruslan Chifurov (Passport table), Roman Korolev (Chorus of Turkish) and Vladimir Spiridonov (ex-Apple Jack, Marie Chain Band (USA) ), the virtuoso of the rock and roll grand piano Denis Mazhukov (Off Beat, collaborated with Chuck Berry and Bravo) and keyboardist Vadim Tireoshin (Sweden), mandolinists Dmitry Vakhrameev (ex "Corn", Apple Jack) and Olga Egorova, drummers Vasily Turchak (ex-Apple Jack, Pesnyary) and Evgeny Lependin (Evgeny Margulis' group), vocalists Sergei Gutsan (Good Sun Band) and Yuri Snezhin (ex-Apple Jack, private owner of the musical "Graf Orlov"), as well as many others.

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