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SKMR-136 Vozvraschenie - Deep, 2018

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The new album "Deep" of the Moscow band Vozvraschenie(Return) and Sergey Kanunnikov is released on the label Sketis Music - it's an acoustic work with beautiful Russian texts and a rich musical palette. In the magical and philosophicalworld of Sergey Kannunikov's poetry the subjects of "Kalevala" and space satellites, brave captains, ancient sorcerer and servants of Zarathustra are intertwined.

Music "Vozvraschenie" is a quality alloy of light fusion rock with bright folk melodies on Russian ethnic wind and stringed instruments. Songs of the singer-songwriter Sergey Kanunnikov narrate about simple and important things for every Russian person: love to their native land and loved ones, the memory of generations and work. These vital formulas need to always remember to not get lost in the modern and technological society.

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