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SKMR-157 Runara – Way of the Sun

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The RUNARA group is a great mix of world music, heavy folk and art rock. A team from the city of Barnaul (Russia, Altaiskiy Kray) and this greatness of the Atai Mountains inspires the guys draw to create their beautiful songs and melodies. The group consists has truly passionate and talented musicians for whom folk music has become an integral part of life, so their music is not just a set of notes and harmonies, but a holistic philosophy based on free and creative thinking.

The group was formed in 2017 and has long been loved and recognizable in Altai and beyond. And this is not surprising, because the guys give regular concerts, participate in festivals and open air, hold master classes in Russian folk music, shoot videos and rehearse a lot. Their concerts are invariably distinguished by the atmosphere of complete immersion in the magical world of the goddess Runara, where the unity of people and nature is harmonious, forest metaphysics and the inner worlds of everyone.


"The Way of the Sun" is the band's first album, the work on it took a long three years, which allowed the musicians to find their own style and sound. The album includes twelve tracks, three of which are instrumental (their voice is present as a vocalization). Here, the ballads “Oasis”, “Metelitsa”, “Dorozhenka”, and “Eternal Wanderer”, different in style, organically coexist with heavy ethno-progressive tracks “Dance of Fire” and “To the Edge” and incendiary “Dana” and “Vedunya”.

The leader of the group - Alevtina Batalova, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, folklorist and ethno-educator is sure that an integral part of Runara's music is harmony in three dimensions: within yourself, within the team and within the natural landscapes surrounding you.

The album will be of interest to all fans of fantasy folk and driving ethnics with rock elements.

Alevtina Batalova: vocals, flutes, harps, didgeridoo, guitar
Vladimir Krom: guitar, hurdy-gurdy
Evgeny Kulik: percussion, drums
Dmitry Vorotnikov: bass guitar

Music by: A. Batalova, V. Krom
Songwriter: Alevtina Batalova
Recording: Vladimir Krom, Konstantin Korotaev (Wave-Records recording studio), Vladislav Vladimirsky (Lado recording studio), Aidas Kveshkevicius
Mixing: Konstantin Korotaev
Artist-designer: Tatyana Abelovich

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