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New releases Sketis Music fall 2018

Nov 2, 2018

New releases were released on Sketis Music: classical medieval music from the Ensemble Labyrinthus, ritual-ambient from Yat-Kha drummer Eugeny Tkachev, and ethno-rock from Siberia KHARA


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Classical Medieval Music performed by Ensemble Labyrinthus and the French baritone Mark Mauillonthis amazing work is based on the plays from the 14th century French satirical poem "Roman de Fauvel".
Ensemble Labyrinthus feat. Marc Mauillon"Medieval Wedding Music: Fauvel's Proposal to Fortune": http://sketismusic.ru/catalog/ensemble-labyrinthus-feat-marc-mauillon-medieval-marriage-music

Next: new acoustic ritual ambient album includes drum rhythms, jews harp tunes, spiritual verse and throat singing in from Yat-Kha drummer Eugeny Tkachev (Opycham)
Opycham «Kudesa»: http://sketismusic.ru/catalog/opycham-kudesa

And closes the nuclear mix ofSiberian rock-n-roll and shamanic mystery from KHARA band. Simple and easy-to-remember russian lyrics are perfectly combined with sharp rock reefs and ethnic melodies.
KHARA – Reality [Yav`]: http://sketismusic.ru/catalog/khara-yav-reality


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