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The results Sketis Music label 2016

Mar 9, 2017

The winter has already ended, but nothing has been said about the departed 2016. We are fix it - below a small report about the main events of the label in 2016.


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The main event of the year was the launch of the mail order system, it was already written briefly, but it should nevertheless be mentioned. At present, only about a half of our recordings are available for purchase and download online as digitized tracks. We have been busy recording new bands and producing new albums, so digitizing and uploading has been delayed. However, in February, we laid out the assortment of the St. Petersburg label Bomba-Peter and some folklore releases, including some rather rare. (Put a filter on the style of "folklore", or follow the link.

In 2016, we published an unprecedented number of very significant releases. Judge for yourself:

Firstly, we greatly strengthened the folklore theme, which was promoted by the double CD of the Cossack ensemble "Chitinskaya Sloboda" from Siberia, the jew's-harp album from Vladimir Markov with Russian folk melodies, and the Choir of Old Believers from Veliky Novgorod with spiritual verses.

Secondly, the label became a witness and even took part in the ascent of several stars of a new wave of Siberian ethno-rock. It's about the Buryat group SHONO with the album HUNTER; the ethno-experimental project KHARA (Khara had an excellent concert video in February and it's just necessary to look at the link below) and finally to the Tuva group Hartyga with the acoustic album «Fugue for the steppe with the organ».

Also there was a wonderful album of the Folkbeat "The Joyful Meeting", conceived for Christmas, but published for Easter. Unfortunately, in the group Folkbeat there was a split - one of the founders of project Alena Minulina left the band, and the three remaining girls, taking course on pop folk, continued their journey to the Olympics show-business.

It was not without Central Asia. Our hot friends from Riga, Baraka group, miraculously managed to publish two (no, even three) albums - art-rock remixes for the Pamir band SAMO, an ethno-jazz release Gole Sangam with Persian women's love songs and re-release of the album Shams with Muboraksho, with a new mastering. Three very beautiful and interesting release, do not miss them!

Finally, a little bit about rock - so as not to fall asleep on the long road you can listen to the band Dlina Dychaniya (Breath length) with the album "Colors", or evaluate the new role of the trio Asketics, with rock and songs in the album "Da.Bro".

Good luck to all!
With the spring!

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