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New EP by Veronika Bulycheva "Of the Ural"

May 24, 2018

New EP by Veronika Bulycheva "Of the Ural" - new Russian folk music


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Veronika Bulycheva, singer, guitar player, composer and performer comes from a region deep in the heart of Russia, the Urals. As a native of that region, considered as a natural frontier between Europe and Asia, Veronika embodies this artistic link rekindling the intimacy and emotions of a common poetic universe.

Having produced 4 music albums (C Sketis Music) Veronika Bulycheva is embarking on a new world electro pop project as composer and performer. To produce it she has called upon producer and arranger Maxime Delpierre (VKNG) and invited her former associate, Natalia Ermilova, singer and violonist from the band « Mamouchka », as well as balalaika player Philippe Baudez. For the first time, Veronika involves her daughter Mya BLT to perform one of her new songs.

Her first 3 songs EP entitled « Of the Ural » is available for a pre-listening on Soundcloud (to be released in the Spring of 2018 by Sketis Music).


1. V DEREVNE (In the Village)

2. DOURYOU MAYOUS’ (I’m feeling blue)

3. OUTRO MAIA (May morning)



- A dazzling vocal virtuosity, as well as original lyrics, both poetic and humorous (NOUVELLES, Geneva, Switzerland).

- Veronika Bulycheva’s songs are mirrors. Sound mirrors mingling reflections of the Russian soul and the French soul, one mocking the other without breaking away from it (Stéphanie Tesson).

- It’s « world », it’s « traditional », but so new that one can only be immediately captivated and forever swept away. (LIBERATION)

- Energy, freshness, vituosity, « Mamouchka » enbodies the charism and the spirit of an immortal Russia still possesing its creative genius (LE PARISIEN).


Listen and download the album by following the links:

iTunes - https://vk.cc/81uQj0
Google Play - https://vk.cc/81uU0Q
Яндекс Музыка - https://vk.cc/81uPdD
Deezer - https://vk.cc/81uQzE
Spotify - https://vk.cc/81uRo9
Amazon - https://vk.cc/81uRdn 


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