LUDMILA-OSIPOVA-RADIO-RUSSIA-NEWFolk music is a very comprehensive concept, applicable to any musical creation of the peoples of the world, regardless of the folklore features of each individual locality.

Lyudmila Osipova's radio show is devoted to various directions of traditional music, such as authentic folklore, contemporary folk, ethno-jazz, academic music, folk-rock, ethno-fusion, world music and others.

In the program, you can listen to the music collection of Radio Russia collected by the author from the existing CD albums, broadcast and studio recordings produced by Radio Russia, virtual collections, concerts and proposals of the Euroradio.

The program is published every Saturday at 00:35, 04.35 and 18:55 Moscow time, repeated on the following Friday at 21:35.

The author and presenter of the program is candidate of art history Lyudmila Osipova.

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