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Review to album of the Vozvrashenie «Deep» in InRock magazine

Jun 20, 2018

"Deep" is an album-contemplation, album-experience, album-action




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This music is created at the junction of bard-rock and the folk of the Russian North. Lyrical philosophical texts, laid on simple, but "catchy" melodies, rooted in the author's song. Light, full space arrangements with the active use of folk instruments - all this instantly evokes a response and for a long time remains with you.
The main character is undoubtedly the leader of the group Sergey Kanunnikov. He is the author of all material, the vocalist and guitarist. Sergey's poems are full of bright images, metaphors, allusions and citations. The author lives, easily moving from the world to the world - from everyday to fantasy, from past to present, from the real to the supernatural and back again. Standing on the roof, he can "tear the vines of constellations" and simultaneously see how the space satellite flies over the fairy-tale world. As a creator himself, he constantly asks the Creator, keenly aware of the sorrows ("We are the children warmed by the ashes of the burnt house" - "Scarlet Sails"), and the joys of life ("My daughter sings" I'm Nastya, I'm a princess, I'm a princess " "Caravan").

Sergey's vocal style is characterized by a particularly trusting, almost colloquial intonation - he easily switches from singing to recitative, as if he is walking, going and suddenly skyrocketing. Folk motifs are woven into the general musical fabric, like the motley ribbons in the braids of the northern beauty. And musical instruments draw pictures of those worlds where the heroes of Kanunnikov live. The pereswist and the twitter of birds are various folk winds performed by Ilya Kudryashov; chimes and tapping - no less diverse percussion of Oleg Kozlov. The sound of falling drops is the purest flajolets and the even tremolo of the balalaika's Denis Zabavsky. Bassist Nikita Aleshin is the only one who plays on a fully electric instrument, giving solidity to the sound of the band.

Sergei himself practically does not solo on his "acoustics," but his cuts are very expressive. Especially bright they sound in the dialogue with the pianist Sergei Filatov (the head of the project "Ethnosphere") in the "Ordinary Miracle". And in the song "Aino" gives to the otherworldness the sound of a glucophone - a tool played by another guest, ethno-musician Roman Lomov (Ivan Kupala, "Freestyle people"). And very unexpectedly and contrastingly the presence of absolutely Dylan's harmonica of Vovka Kozhekina in "The Song of the Heart" and "The Caravan".

So, "Depth" is an album-contemplation, album-experience, album-action. Because, despite everything, the author is faithful to his vocation - to be among those who release their songs into the sky, strange birds in motley plumage of notes.

Peter Kulesh (InRock)

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