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SKMR-125 KhaRa - Meryachenie, 2016

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What can bind guitar blues, Slavic melodies and shamanic rhythms? The answer can be found in the new album Siberian psychedelic rock band "Khara" (from Old Slavic "smile of God"), which constitute the basis of these so different, at first glance, terms.

Alexander Medvedev (Darky): «We have long pondered this project, but in reality everything was accomplished overnight. The album was recorded in a single day. "Khara" - this is primarily an improvisation, where each contributes what it sees fit. We just completely disconnected from reality and play ..."

Improvisation for musicians became a universal language, coming from the depths of the soul and pierces any barriers to the listener's heart. Blues guitar melancholy, rolling steppes rhythms and melodic minor Slavic instruments take us to the enchanted world of ancient tales and legends revived.

The album name "Meryachenie" - in the language of the northern peoples is an unusual mental state associated with shamans and northern magic. The Eskimos call it the call of the North Star.
Edward Pogodin (Leshy): "Our music is necessary listen to the heart and soul, but not his head. Head can not listen, otherwise break."

The vocals, as well as the party on the author's ethnic instruments perform Edward Pogodin "Leshy" - a master and an expert on ancient stringed and wind instruments which he makes himself. Similar to the throat singing guitar and synth melodies by Alexander Medvedev (Darky), well-known project «Gen-Dos» and «Ug-Shig», making to the sound "Khara" special magic, and the rhythmic component of album sets the groove of ethnic percussion Artem Aksenov, a red line which goes echoing drum rolls large Tuvan "kengirge".

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