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SKMR-110 Algambra «Algambra», 2014

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Algambra is russian (Moscow-based) world music band. From different ethnic influences (middle-eastern, indian, mediterranean) to modern fusion and minimalism in bands composition, based on melodies, played on hang (with it's variations).



Yuri Rubin (Morpheus Hang) - hang (spb), caisa, percussions, project idea
Alina Ikva - cello, metallophone
Karam - electric guitar
Andrey Filatov - bass
Philipp Barsky - celtic harp (3,4,9)
Misha Finogenov - acoustic guitar (3,9)

Andrey Tanzu - percussions (2)
Amir Khan (India) - tabla, vocals (10)


You can also listen to the solo project by Yuri Rubin - Morpheus Hang Drum «Listening in the dark», published on Sketis Music in 2013.

Other projects of the Alhambra Creative Studio can be found on their website: http://hang-drum.org/en/

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