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SKMR-098 Morpheus Hang «Listening in the dark», 2013

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Morpheus hang drum is a solo album by Yuri Rubin (Morpheus) - musician, traveler, founder of the hung drum school - Algambra, leader of the musical group Algambra, whose self-titled album was released on Sketis Music in 2014.

In this album, the main tool is hang or hang drum. More precisely in the recording used two different instruments, this is Hang (sp [b)] hijaz (tracks 1-5) and Caisa (steel drum) Balinese (tracks 6,7).

The pleasant and meditative sound of the album is not for nothing attributed to the properties of the sound massage, which, by influencing the inner chakras of the body, creates a pleasant soothing effect.

Hang music is very much about listening - not only sounds, but also something between, silence.
Feel the only moment of life, listen with your eyes closed.


Hang (sp [b)] hijaz (tracks 1-5)
Caisa (steel drum) Balinese (tracks 6,7)



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