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SKMR-099 Baraka - Tribute to Nargis, 2013

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Baltic ethno-jazz band "Baraka" exists for over 10 years. Band leader, musician and arranger Dmitry Evsikov with his daughter Devika are exploring authentic Tajik and Pamir folklore on the basis of which they create their music compositions.

"Baraka" is a synthesis of Central Asian traditions and improvisational skills of European jazz musicians that allows modern listeners to appreciate the beauty and poetics of Eastern art. Their main task is to just add, not to change the perception of pioneers of the music world from the Pamirs and Tajikistan. Music of "Baraka" band can be compared with such famous "world music" artists as Bill Laswell, Peter Gabriel, Shakti, Dead Can Dance, Mynta…

The new musical concept of Baraka is meditative world music with a touch of ethno-jazz, harmoniously combined with heartfelt female vocals. They are mostly beautiful lyrical songs and ballads that tell about the human feelings and emotions, love songs with a marvelous series of images.

The album that you are holding in your hands is dedicated to the memory of the Pamir singer Nargis Bandishoyeva. In Soviet times she was the first who ventured to sing on the stage in Shugnan language. The singer was loved by her nation and during her life gained real fame throughout Tajikistan.

In the early 1990s, her life was tragically cut short in a car accident. It was an irreparable loss for all the people of the Soviet Asia! The booklet contains the memories of Nargis collected by Dmitry and Devika literally on particles. Poetry of Omar Khayyam and Rumi is intertwined with the works of modern Tajik poets. The album contains 14 vocal tracks in which Devika sings in Farsi, Shugnan language, Dari and Pashto, immersing the listener in the atmosphere of real Eastern tale.


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