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SKMR-091 Asketics / Asketics, 2012

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The Russian art-fusion group, Asketics, dazzles the world with its fine array of subtle, New Age grooves and electronic percussion.
The experimental and avant-garde styles are equally represented and show no signs of weakness or impracticality. The music is wholly instrumental and it features the accordion, flugelhorn, bass, keyboards, loops, guitars, trumpet, and assorted percussion. The upbeat clarity of "Strong" is a very good song for the adventurous film scholar, or evening lounge party. The group is equally talented with slower and more pensive compositions, including "Chess," "The French," and the jazzy "g." The songs are intelligently-produced with a sense of nostalgia and futurism all at the same time. The music would be a perfect backdrop for a Starbucks or Barnes and Noble.
Overall, the Asketics are 'asketically' pleasing to say the least.

© Matthew Forss / Inside World Music (USA)

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