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SKMR-092 Bubamara Brass Band - Zemlja Bubarumija, 2012

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Bubamara Brass Band - a real brass band which plays enlighting Balkan music. The band introduces saxes, trombones, trumpet and amazing rythm-section with tuba and drumset. All compositions are arranged by orchestra band leader - Aleksandar Kashtanov

"This ensemble has the most amazing level of positive energy! You might think that'd be an essential part of any Balkan outfit,
but not every band from outside the region is able to be this amazing or positive! At the basis of Bubamara's repertoire are folk
melodies - and some of their own compositions, too..."

"It all comes together in bright, beautiful improvisation from the horn section who put on a really special show by mixing
free-spirited Balkan drive and some ethnic dance routines. The vocals are also excellent..."

«The Bubamara Brass Band hails from Russia, which is a far-cry from Balkan music land. However, the band presents a mix of
Balkan-styled tunes from Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and other areas for our listening pleasure. Some of the tracks are vocal;
while others are not. At only forty-minutes in length, Zemlja Bubarumija is not the longest album, but it makes up for it
with complex tracks and energetic instrumentation from a youthful, playful, and urban style. The upbeat tracks are similar
in style and tone to Klezmer music. Anyone with an interest in brass band, gypsy, Klezmer, Balkan, and instrumental tunes
will love the Bubamara Brass Band.»
Matthew Forss / Inside World Music

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