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SKMR-093 Various Artists – «Folk Album by "Radio Russia"», 2012

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Radio Russia is the main state broadcasting company of the Russian Federation. Some 140 million of listeners in our country have technical possibility of receiving its signal.
Nearly 200 peoples live in Russia according to the 2010 census data. Radio Russia presents their traditional music in various national and international folk projects. This CD is a compilation of recordings of the Russian and foreign musicians who participated in the European Broadcasting Union folk festivals, the EBU Christmas and Easter Projects and special offers of Radio Russia.
In 2009 Radio Russia won the Svetozár Stračina Grand Prix competition of folk music recordings with the Lullaby from the South Russia region performed by Sergei Starostin, and in 2011 Stepanida Borisova took second place and the Best Performer Special Prize for her Udagan’s Song.

Теги: Folk Album by Radio Russia - Sergey Starostin, Jili-Bili, Yat-Kha, Oktay ensemble, Stepanida Borisova, Moscow Balalaika ensemble, Trigon, Nerekhtskiye Roghechniki ensemble, Trio Seventh Heaven, buy CD