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SKMR-130 Asketics - Da.Bro, 2016

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Asketics - a group of the northern Russian city Petrozavodsk (Alexey Derevlev - voice, strings, effects, Arkadiy Sokolov - voice, percussion and wind instruments, electronics, Sergey Shelyapin - electrino has, bass synth), the direct heirs of the aesthetics and style of projects Reel and Va-Ta-Ga. Trio performs compositions and songs of his own composition. North minimalism and spatial harmony are replaced Space-rock riffs, at the same time deep-ambient introductions go into guitar drum and bass. Bow solo by contrabass, loops, reverse, pads, triggers and here already drummer playing the saxophone. Their main advantage musicians consider concerts - "Only there can truly feel and exchange of the flow vital energy, and connect with the space in city captivity ..."


After recording two albums of instrumental music, is published by ArtBeat Music and Sketis Music, the trio found the lack of verbal. As a result, the main change in the new album was a new sound - vocals has appeared. Moreover, it has been used in different ways - there is singing, recitation, declamation, polyphony, etc. The basis of the texts of songs became Alexey Derevleva different years of writing. They are arranged in a certain order - first put a philosophical question concerning the person's inner world and what is happening around and ends reasoning philosophical and religious dilemma. All songs are made in different styles, but their voices are united. Provided the composition on the word cult Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poem "A Cloud in Trousers" had a strong impression on Derevlev inhis youth, occasionally he performed it at the concerts as recitative. The idea to put the text to the music was realized on this album.


Asketics, although their music is inseparable from the spirit of the Russian North, feel themselves in the center of the musical universe, life and information. In the construction of rhythmic structures the group involved such as the styles of drum and bass, jungle, dub, dubstep, the step, house, "Asketics" like the principle of constructing bass lines a trio Red Snapper. Stylistically, the band's music combines the aesthetics of Red Snapper with North Russian ethno-electronic rock, it is diverse and unpredictable, like modern life. According to the musicians, their music is a "multi-instrumental and polystylistic quintessential vision of the modern world with three pairs of eyes" - co-creation of three musicians, in which all are equal, cosmopolitan thinking and feeling.

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