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SKMR-146 Folklore Ensemble Chitinskaya Sloboda «Songs of Russian people, vol. 2: Cossack Songs and Romances» (2CD, 2019)

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New album of the Folklore Ensemble “Chitinskaya Sloboda” is called “Songs of Russian people, part 2”. This is the second part of the cycle of albums, which will include the full song repertoire of the Chitinskaya Sloboda. The recording takes the listener to a long journey through time, at the time of active development of new lands by tsarist Russia, as well as during the 1st World War.The songs provide us with vivid pictures of peaceful life, as well as stories from the military everyday life of the Cossacks.

You can listen to the marching, historical and dance songs of the Cossacks of Siberia, Don, Kuban and Terek on the first CD, while the second disc includes “popular” songs - Cossack romances and lyrical songs.The album was recorded at the studio of Alexander Vladykin (http://vladykinmusic.ru/index.php/studio) in Novosibirsk. A beautiful two-disc edition with a 32-page booklet designed by famous Russian painter Vladimir Rasputin, as well as Anna "Nyurych" Volkova (Vladykina) known for the records of Russian punk and psychedelic rockgroup «ГражданскаяОборона» and Yanka Dyageleva.

The “Chitinskaya Sloboda” is a vocal folklore ensemble from distant Zabaykalsky (Trans-Baikal) region, consisting of 9 men and women. Despite the small age (in 2019, the Chitinskaya Sloboda celebrated five years anniversary), the ensemble is widely known both in its native Transbaikalia and throughout Russia.

The musicians from ensemble actively study and promote Russian traditional culture, find and restore rare songs, and are engaged in educational activities. For “Chitinskaya Sloboda” there is a characteristic choral performance of traditional Cossack songs, as well as songs of old residents of Siberia and Old Believers. In the team you can hear songs in male, female or mixed performance. Often, singing is accompanied by Russian folk instruments: balalaika or harmonica.

Folklore Ensemble«Chitinskaya Sloboda» sings the songs of Russian people. We listen to the original works attentively and anxiously and try to do our best. And then, in the process of our work, appears the joy which we want to share with our relatives, friends and listeners. Each performance of Chitinskaya Sloboda is a real celebration and history excursion! Sincere and very emotional performance in combination with beautiful and vivid images of artists always delight the hearts of viewers.

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