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SKMR-096 Dmitry Novokolsky & Yury Krivoshein “That Job is Over” , 2012

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The new CD from Dmitry Novokolsky is made of bland of different musical styles - country, bluegrass and Americana.
Several tracks shows us a covers for world known hits of country music scene, some of them - pure authors compositions.
Some may try and tell us that country music is the thing of the past, but just put this disc in your car and you will immediately be transported to the world of the Wild West!

Dmitry Novokolsky – Lead vocal, background vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, slide guitar, harmonica, tambourine, shaker, drums
Yury Krivoshein – Acoustic & electric guitars, lead guitars, slide guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums programming
Guest musicians:
Alexey "Lex" Blohin – accordion in "Cotton Joe From New Orleans"; organ in "This Blues is Real"; piano in "Sweetie Hell Gal"; keyboard  in "Lady Moonlight Bossa"
Nickolas Vtorov – double bass in "Sweetie Hell Gal"
Samson Mgelela – djembe percussion in "Still A Rambler"

Теги: Novokolsky, Aplle Jack, country, country blues, bluegrass, david lee howard, pleasant "cousin joe" joseph, Americana