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Veronika Bulycheva & the Izumrud ensemble - "Voyage de l’Oural", 2012

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Musique du film documentaire Le Transsibérien : Moscou - Vladivostok
réalisé par Christian Durand dans le cadre du projet Connaissance du monde - 2011

Russian singer Veronica Bulycheva hails from the Urals, emigrated to Paris for a long time, and after years of fruitful artistic career, fate brought her to the wonderful instrumental team from Yekaterinburg, the ensemble of "Emerald", representing traditional "balalaika-rock" in the spirit of Balkan leaders carefree drunken music.

Veronica - artist of unique, well fit into the global trends «world music», the owner of the voice and stature. At the same time, always current Russian romances like "Dark Eyes" and "The Long Road", are all the same tavern gypsy, a pile of bright skirts and hitting a backhand lines. To the irony was more noticeable, the band is inserted into the familiar texture of new chords and genre pieces, creating a sort of «world fusion» ( «The Tramp").

Songs composed by Veronica itself, close to the modern folk music is a kind of romance, reflection, feminine cunning interweaving of thoughts and imagesmultiplied by the well-chosen accompaniment. Her songs are close to the French (not Russian!) Chanson, in which she seeks the truth, reveals feelings and tells the story - the emigrant, women, artist, interspersing it all pleasant timbre of the French language and elegant finesse.

Michael Sidorov (balalaika),
Nadezhda Zhikhareva (domra)
Svetlana Nightingale (domra)
Rinat Yakupov (accordion),
Constantine Prokoshin (bass-balalaika),
Eugene Khanchich (drums)
Veronica Bulycheva (guitar, vocals)

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