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Evgenia Slavina – Lullabies for Various Occasions (2020)

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Evgenia Slavina - singer, composer, teacher of conscious sound, energy therapist, relaxolog, stalker.
The album "Lullabies for various occasions" was the result of many years of research on lullabies as a genre to historical and cultural aspect, as well as an instrument of relaxation, blessing and healing.
The main task of the album is to bring more peace and love to the world through music and motherly folklore. This CD is addressed primarily to adults, because most of us did not sing lullabies in childhood.

Evgenia Slavina – vocal, idea of the project
Alexander Botvinkin – keys, hang, sansula, percussion, vocals, sound production
Mikhail Olenchenko – guitar
Sergey Klevensky – clarinet, tin whistle

What are lullabies talking about:
«I decided to record this text in order to share with you my discoveries I made getting closer to the world of lullabies. A lullaby is the first music, that a baby on the Earth listens to: the first prayer, the first blessing. In all times the women of all nations have sung lullabies to their children. They are very different and their mission is much more broad than just to calm und help getting asleep. The researchers of folklorists, ethnographers, psychologists, linguists and physicians confirm, that these songs can relieve the pain, help to believe in yourself, to remember how the life on the Earth is arranged and, of course, it helps to stay with the beloved people, to absorb their attention, love and care.
The most of my questions and my strongest interest were generated by the “fixing the fate” lullabies and the so called mortal lullabies. If the child is sick, a healing lullaby can speed the recovery provided that the singer does believe, that the child will recover soon and feels him or her healthy during singing. There is one of these lullabies on the CD, it is sung in Yiddish. The mortal lullabies have many missions: they remember us, that the death is a part of a big life cycle life-death-life, and everything in this world goes this cycle. They help the new born babies to become human beings and to switch on the Earth-programs. If the life of the baby is in danger, a mortal lullaby can become a virtual contract with the death, which allows him or her to stay alive.
On the disc are lullabies of different times, some of them have authors, others are folklore. Among them are a some of my songs that came to me during I was working on the project “Lullabies on different occasions”. Our children are unpredictable creatures, every song can become a lullaby for them, but the magic is stronger, if you sing from the state of inner calmness and silence. In olden time people sang more than listened, now it’s exactly vice versa. I’d be happy if this disc inspires you to start singing. And a good occasion to it can be a lullaby».
Evgenia Slavina

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