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Vozvraschenie – For Children of Birds (2020)

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The new album of Vozvraschenie group "For Children of Birds" is a beautiful and soulful song by Sergey Kanunnikov, which will be an excellent gift for all music lovers in this difficult time. The album is designed for thoughtful listening, you need to immerse yourself in it completely and completely, however, as in all the previous works of the group.
The hallmark of Vozvraschenie is the combination of Kanunnikov's lyrical vocals with Ilya Kudryashov's dashing ethnic winds, and vigorous rhythm section of acoustic bass and percussion competently forms the structure of the composition.
The guests of this album were Denis Zabavsky (balalaika in the song "Zarya-Zoryushka (Dawn)"), Mikhail Vyrin from the Medvezhy Ugol group (gusli in the song "Devitsa (Slavic Girl)"), Nachyn Choreve, soloist of the Tuvan group Hartyga (throat singing and igil in the song "Baikal" ) and the audience's favorite Pavel Fakhrtdinov who recorded the second voice in song "Let There Be Light".
All songs of the album were recorded and mixed by Sergey Kanunnikov at his new studio with the bird name "Ça va" (Owl).

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