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SKMR-036 Veronika Bulycheva «Tout ira bien»

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Track List

1. Que Veut - Elle, Demoiselle / Что она хочет
2. Je N'aurais Pas Aimé / Не любила бы
3. Fantôme / Призрак
4. Si Tu N'veux Pas M'aimer / Если не хочешь меня любить
5. Eau Vive / Живая вода
6. The Darlings / Дарлинги
7. La Route / Дорога
8. Nostalgie / Ностальгия
9. T'aimer / Любить тебя
10. Tes Yeau Me Regardent / Твои глаза
11. Tout Ira Bien / Всё будет хорошо

Veronika Bulycheva ‎– Voix, guitare, composition
Martial Besombes ‎– Clavier
Emek Evci ‎– Contrebasse
Félix Sabal-lecco ‎– Batteries
Christophe d’Oliveira ‎– Batteries
Natalia Ermilova ‎– Auteurs de paroles
Yves Mesnil ‎– Prise de son
David F ‎– Mixage et mastering



The second solo album Tout ira bien (Everything will be fine) Veronica releases first in France in 2004, and in 2007 brings it to Russia, and publishes on the label Sketis Music. This album is more intimate and acoustic than the first "Demoiselle Cygne", but it is recorded almost in the same composition of musicians. Most of the album's songs are written in verses by Natalia Ermilova. In general, the album leaves a very pleasant and bright impression, it harmoniously combines ever better from world music, jazz and Bosanova, and the sensual vocals of Veronica give the work a special charm.

Теги: Veronika Bulycheva, World music, song writer, French and Russian chanson, Russian romances