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SKMR-049 Gen Dos - Bay-Tayga, 2008

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Album Tuvan shaman musician and Gennady Chamzyrina (GENDOS) - another masterpiece Tuvan rock 'n' roll. You can hear the melodic guitar and composition, in conjunction with the keys, and hard rock rebels, and even a little country. The album includes the most famous Tuvan songs since Kyzyl sen (My Kyzyl), Bai-la Taiga (Taiga Rich), Hovuda kezhee (Evening in the desert), and others. Previous album GenDOS «SHIZO I.D.» differs significantly from this work, because there are more rock and rock 'n' roll, while the first album is dominated by electronic cyber-punk.

Saktyyshkyn (Memories)
Langchyy boom (My Gun)
Manchureem (Manchurek, the River I Love)
Huliganskaya (Hooligans)
Aza alzyn (Let The Devil Take It)
Kyzylym sen (My Kyzyl)
Khovuda kezhee (Evening in the Grassland)
Kysh (Winter-If your rosy cheeks lose color)
Teek (Zero)

Video «Changiz-terek»

Alexander Medvedev - guitar, drum, programming
Gennady Chamzyryn (Gendos) - vocals, doshpoolur, homus
Alexei Saaya - bass, morinhuur

Roman Chokurov - keyboards & electronic
Nikolay Bochkaev – drum (5)

Photo – Viktor Zagvozdkin, Grzegors Gumula
Video – Grzegors Gumula, Aleksandr Medvedev, Viktor Dresviannikov
The foreman of nation tools – Sholban Salchak
Cover desigh – Denis Salamanov

Перевод – Сат Адыгжы
Редактор – Жернакова Ольга
English translation by Dmitriy Morenkov

Теги: Gen Dos, Bay-Tayga, throat singing, rock, Siberian folk, Tuva