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SKMR-048 Ethno-trio Troisa - 7 Sem, 2007

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Track List

1.Па морачку
3.Сонюшка (Шэльма)
5.Ні парой…
7.Сем чарак


The performing style of the Belarusian Ethno Trio Troitsa, is characterized by an original approach to sound - a synthesis of open soulfulness of the popular and complex, sometimes mystical, part of academic and avant-garde music. This uneasy combination is especially noticeable when meeting with the leader Troitsa Ivan Kirchuk, who is a professor at the Minsk University of Culture, but resembles more a collector of folklore and a fan of the archaic. The music harmoniously combines the sound of Ivan's powerful vocals, creating the basic atmosphere and palette of ethnic instruments (percussion, winds, calimba). Deep, meditative music, masterfully performed by the Troitsa to this album, will be a real gift for connoisseurs of high art and fans of a clean, high-quality recorded sound. 

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