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SKMR-047 Leo Sevets - Osa Poika Onni Poika - Karelian folk songs and tunes, 2007

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Leo Sevez is a singer and performer of Karelian and Finnish traditional folk music. For many years he was the vocalist of the famous folk band Mullarit from the Petrozavodsk city. Together with Mullarit, Leo traveled the whole world, was touring in Finland and Norway, USA and Canada, and many more. The album "Osa poika Onni poika" (onni poika in the translation - "the happy guy") became a kind of gift for the 20th anniversary of the artist's creative activity.

The melodies and songs presented in the album are just a small part of what the author created over the years. The songs are performed in Karelian and Finnish, and all the words of the songs are folk songs. Leo Sevez himself calls the music from this album primitive, meaning by this not a lack of content, but purity, a kind of "cleanliness", freedom from all artificial and electronic. This is its main advantage. Unique musical instruments, on which the performer plays, once again confirm this. 15-string kantele, youhiko - are valuable, if only because there are very few such instruments in the world. When the hand of the master touches them, which can be fully described as the author of the new album, they become truly priceless.

In our music publishing house Sketis Music there were other albums with traditional Karelian and Finnish music from such performers as folk band, folk instruments ensemble Toive, folk band OlembaSattuma and Va-Ta-Ga.

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