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SKMR-011 Volga - Tri Polya / Three Fields 2004г.

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Track List

1. Red rose - Volga
2. On the hill - Volga
3. Verejushki - Volga
4. Three fields - Volga
5. Psalm - Volga
6. Snow balls - Volga
7. Pear tree - Volga
8. By the sea - Volga
9. Prince Roman - Volga
10. Cry - Volga
11. Mass - Volga
12.  Skreams - Volga


Album Volga "Three Fields" is a collection of various conspiracies and rituals, supplemented by several "everyday" sketches, which, nevertheless, have a certain mystical beginning and carry the imprint of primordially Russian fatalism. Work on the album began in late 1999. Throughout these years, ethnographic and musical material accumulated, which required a special approach. The CD also features a video clip by Roman Anikushin, mounted on the song "Vereyushki".

The Volga Group is an experimental, ethno-electronic project, founded in Moscow in 1997, by singer and collector of Russian folklore Angela Manukyan.

In the music of the Volga band, industrial electronics and elements of ancient Russian folklore are united. the electronic part is answered by the guitarist and electronics designer Roman Lebedev and the experimental electronics designer Alexei Borisov (Nochnoy Prospect), as one of the brightest representatives of the group is musician and artist Yury Balashev creating ornate background studies on the electric driftwood and Tibetan singing bowls.

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