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SKMR-012 Sergey Starostin & Mario Kaldararu - As Easy as Pie, 2004

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Concert in DOM Club - Russian folklore and world music, authentic ethnic wind and percussion.

This album represents the alive record, made in the concert in “DOM” Center. Its participants – the well-known specialist in the Russian folklore, singer and musician Sergey Starostin and the percussionist Mario Kaldararu, working in the ethnic style – did not rehearse, they just played a little before the concert and took its course. That is why they called the album “As easy as a pie”.

There we meet alive folklore – naive and ecological art. The record was successful because naivete and purity cause freedom and lightness. On the other hand, these spontaneity, freedom and simplicity are marked with high professional level of the participants of this project, as well as with successful experience of various collaborations, including the advance guard.

Sergey Starostin graduated the conservatoire, Mario took part in the abroad tours in the amount of art-jazz-trio “Trigon”. Both, being the creative personalities, regard every kind of art positively, willingly taking part in various experiments.
The voice of Sergey in harmonious union with the sound of Russian folk aerophones and ethnic percussion create the world, full of great fascination, deepness and power.

“I am so glad, that we have played this concert and the record was made successfully. I seem, than the project turned out well. Our good mood stayed on the record, and the fact, that there was no rehearse, created spontaneously the spirit of such a lightness and simplicity.”

All turned out as easy, as a pie: two good men gathered together, they treat each other with respect and interest, and they sang and played for their own pleasure, and we can share this pleasure now.

Sergey Starostin – vocal ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 ), horn ( 3 ), prosvirelka (reed-pipe) ( 1,10 ), gusli ( 7,9 )
Mario Kaldararu – gorshki (clay percussion) (4,7,10), barabanka (shepherd’s alarm instrument) (3), darbuka (5,6), kowbell (11), drums (1,2,10).

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