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SKMR-027 Slunchev Bryag «Dniproenergo»

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Slanchev Bryag is an ethno-electronic project of Timur Rafiev, a musician who left a significant mark in the history of Russian Celtic music. Back in the late 90s of the last century Timur organized one of the first groups performing Celtic and Irish music. This group Puck and Piper exists and now, its concerts, though not often, can be heard in different cities of the country.

In the early 2000s Timur, under the influence of Bulgarian musical folklore, decided to create an ethno-electronic project Slanchev Bryag. The new record of "Dniproenergo" is Ukrainian melodies and songs in author's modern arrangements.

"Traditional ethnic culture today is increasingly combined with club dance music, and the album "Dniproenergo" is another experience of such interpenetration. We addressed to Ukrainian folk songs, firstly, because of the amazing beauty of melodies and lyrics, bright emotional contrasts between deep sorrow and unrestrained fun, and secondly, there was a feeling that it would be possible to see the material in a new way, as if for the first time, and, finally, simply because for many of us, Ukraine is the second Motherland, and this connection is more important than any external factors".

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