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SKMR-028 Osimira - Proshcha

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Proshch is the first album of the Mogilev folk and folk-rock band Osimira from Belarus, which was published in 2004 on the Belarusian label BMAgroup, and in 2006 was reissued for Sketis Music. Osimira's creativity is based on ethnic music and Belarusian (Krivich) folklore. The performances of the group are accompanied by ethno-show based on the national color.

The album Proshcha is dominated by dynamic ethno instrumental compositions in which various ethnic motifs are mixed with modern traditions (almost everywhere the modern rhythm section of bass and drums sounds) and directions (up to jazz-rock and ska). In these very original plays, the violin, flute or duda (Belarusian bagpipes) most often dominate.

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