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SKMR-030 Drobinska «El concert»

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Track List

1. Kolo (Serbian) - Means "circle" in Serbian. Our komposition is based on traditional "kolo rojanaz", once played by great serbian fiddler Zarevaz. Inna sing m9oldavian doina about haidouk, a maiden and kerchief with flowers.

2. Kolinda (Moldavian Chrismas carol) - Moldavian Chrismas carol. Says "let us in! It's raining outside and our horses are tired. They need to be forged too-with horseshoes of bread and with sausege nails.

3. Rachenitsa (Bulgarian tune) - Our variations about bulgarian tune "Ajtoyska Rachitsa". Music from the mountains.

4. Mai badize pentru tine - Moldavian love song. "My heart's burning after you, let's love while we are young!"

5.Doina Hora Sirba (wedding) - A typical wedding suite from Moldova. In Chishineu they say "Smoking Doina, drinking Doina brings you at Doina finally". Doina is shepherd's song, but as well very popular name for different things in Moldova. There's sigarettes called "Doina", brandy and cementary with the same name.

6. Turkish - Two tunes from Macedonia in our interpretation.

7. Nani Nani - Splendid lullaby from Moldova.

8. Auzit me, auzit - Another love song from Moldova. Tells about the mill that grinds sorrow and pain. "If I knew that for sure, i'd go there straight away..."

9. Moldavian (wedding dances-hora)

10. Cumbia - This tune is written by our friend from Australia Andrew Tanner. I've learned it while Andrew stayed in Moscow in 2003, but our version is quite different from autor's.

11. Skadi - On of the few hungarian songs that we did.

12. Harvest - Originally "Pravo Lesnoto Oro" from Macedonia. Mellow and sunny tune inspired us to make this composition, and we used to finish every concert with that number.


Concert (Live) recording of the Drobinska made in tour around France in 2003. The disc features material from Serbian, Romanian, Moldovan, Hungarian and Macedonian peoples played in the genre of world music, with bass and drums.

Oleg Drobinsky - clarinet, kaval, bouzouki
Dmitry Ignatov - bass
Mario Kaldararu - drum, percussion
Inna Bondar - vocals, kaval

Теги: Drobinska, Dobranoch, Oleg Drobinski, Inna Bondari, Moldavian folk, Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Folk