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SKMR-031 Traditional music and throat singing of Tuva: Kyzyl-Moscow, Vol. 2 (2007)

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Track List

1    International. Solo - E. Saryglar
2    Khoomei, sygyt, ezengileer, borbannadyr - style of traditional tuvian singing. Solo - E. Saryglar
3    Oske Cher
4    Eldek
5    Ezir Kara
6    Dekey-oo
7    Ene-Say
8    Tyvam
9    Igyl, hoomey, sygyt, kargyraa
10    Alash
11    Hoomey, sygyt, kargyraa, igyl. Solo - S. Ondar
12    Ogbelerim belee
13    Og ayalgazy
14    Alyshkylar
15    Tumat kystarnynsamy
16    Hoyla malym
17    Teve haya
18    Kystyn churee
19    Suzuglelim yry
20    Ham algyjy
21    Eki attar


Horses neighing, hooves clip-clopping, nomads growling - Central Asian culture raid to the heart of Russia.

Album contains compilation of live recordings of the best Tuvan groups, which took part in second festival of culture & art of peoples of Central Asia "Kysyl-Moscow II". This CD introduces the different types of Tuvan throat-singing (khomei, sygyt, kargyraa, borbangnady) to the wide audience of listeners. The ancient cultural legacy of Turkic tribes of South Siberia carefully preserved by the modern generation of Tuvan who now share it with grateful fans of traditional music across the world.

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