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SKMR-040 Sattuma «Kudelma»

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  Sattuma (Finnish word for «occasion») – a folk music quartet from Petrozavodsk, republic of Karelia. This is a «family quartet», whose line-up includes internationally known folk musicians Arto Rinne and Dmitry Dyomin (members of the well-known group Myllдrit) and their children– Eila and Vadim. Interpretingtraditional material including Finnish, Karelian and Russiantraditional tunes and songs, the band creates absolutely unique atmosphere and mood, in which two musical generations enter into lively and creative conversation. Polished through years of practice «fathers» artistry (the two musicians play more than 15 traditional instruments – from violin and accordion to chipsan and didgeridoo) and somewhat naпve, spontaneous perception of music by «children», harmoniously combined,create the specific sound, which has won hearts of large audiences worldwide.
released November 11, 2007

Arto Rinne - vocal, accordion, kantele, bouzuki
Dmitri Demin - clarinet, didgeridoo, bag-pipes
Eila Rinne - vocal, violin, jouhikko
Vladislav Demin - violin, vocal

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