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SKMR-041 Tandalai - Erdine. Woman Voice of Altai, 2007

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Track List

1. Kai (Path of the Maadai-Kara epic) - vocal: Tandalai Modorova (Altai)
2. Kunuk (Song of the wanderer) - vocal: Tandalai Modorova (Altai)
3. Eternal Altai  (Folk Song of the Chuiskaya valley)
4. Playing on khomus
5. Tipes of Kai (Throat singing)
6. Echo es in the mountains (Play on shoor) - vocal: Tandalai Modorova (Altai)
7. Woman’s Fate (Folk Song of the Karakolskaya valley)
8. Koyonok   (Altaian comic song)
9. Oioiym   (Altaian folk chant)
10. Lullaby - vocal: Tandalai Modorova (Altai)
11. Night Crying (lyrics: V. Chinat, music: Tandalai)
12. Shaman’s Drum  (lyrics: K. Kergilov, music: Tandalai)
13. A Crane’s Cry - vocal: Tandalai Modorova (Altai)


Tandalai Modorova is a unique singer with the voice of amazing beauty and range of 5 octaves. In her repertoire, there are ritual chants of the peoples of Altai Mountains, ancient epics, throatsinging, imitation of sounds of nature and voices of birds and animals. She plays several traditional instruments: topshuur, komus, ikili, shoor. Taŋdalai is a winner of several international contests both in Russia and internationally.

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