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SKMR-056 Yarga Sound System — Ярга, 2008

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Yarga Sound System:

The unique ethno act Yarga Sound System. Yarga’s music is based on the traditional songs of the Russian North. However, to create their sound musicians combine traditional instruments with the more contemporary electronic gear. Archetype is what have always existed in roots music. Experiment is a way to express oneself with modern techniques and equipment. All this put together makes up the ethno-electronic project Yarga Sound System. December 2007 will see the release of the Yarga's debut live CD, presented by Sketis Music. The CD is called, namely, Live and it contains several tracks recorded during group’s performances throughout 2007.

Yarga’s permanent members are:
Alexander Leonov – vocals, throat singing, winds, gusli, mbira, homus, loop station
Olga Gaydamak – vocals, violin
Alexander and Olga are both members of the band Va-Ta-Ga.
Grigory Arkhipov – sampler, korg electribe, noise synthesis, dubbing.

Grigory is Va-Ta-Ga’s sound producer and a member of the experimental electronic project Steklovolokno.
Other musicians featured on the CD are Trigon Trio member Mario Kaldararu (toba, ceramic percussion, kalimba etc.), Proshe Prostogo project and Andrey Dikoev (bayan), a prize-winner of the Cup of the North international competition.

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