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SKMR-071 Mervent – 2. Celtic and Breton music, 2009

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The legendary Moscow folk band Mervent, performing Celtic (mostly Breton) music and folk, was born in August 2000. Mervent, in translation from Breton, means the southeast wind. In different years the composition of the folk band changed, but it is generally accepted that the duo of the violinist and vocalist Igor Burmistrov, from the group Si Mhor, and the harpist Anastasiya Papisova, who previously acted as a member of the Voinstvo Sidov and the same Si Mhor, became the founders of the group.

The group's repertoire consists mainly of melodies and songs of Celtic peoples of Europe (Irish, Scottish and Breton music), but also there is Scandinavian, Balkan, Ukrainian, Armenian ethnic music and author's works of the band members. In any case, even with the most authentic sound, any topic is skipped through the prism of the musicians' own perceptions of tradition and modernity, gently adapts to the specific composition of the instruments. Mervent is not engaged in reconstruction, but is playing modern folk music. You can listen to it, you can dance to it, you can see it, it's human, and at the same time it seems to be inspired by the "magic people".

Album "2" is the first full-fledged solo album of musicians, which includes 12 of the most interesting and beloved by the public works, in which Celtic music is widely revealed in the multifaceted work of the ensemble, both geographically and stylistically.


Igor Burmistrov - guitar, violin, vocal
Anastasia Papisova - harp, vocal
Vladimir Cherepovsky - tin whistle's, low whistle, sopilka, zaleyka
Vadim Bedov - guitar, mandolin, vocal
Valery Novgorodov - djembe, bodhran, talking drum, percussion
Konstantin Zakharov - flute

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