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SKMR-072 Various Artists - Celtomania. 10 years later, 2010

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Collection Keltomaniya produced by famous Moscow musician Mikhail Smirnov and published in 2010. The album is dedicated to the memory of the musician and ascetic of the Russian folk music Alexei Raspopov. Alexey for many years curated folklore festivals and concerts in the Moscow club Vermel, where to this day, periodically there are folk parties. The collection contains the best Celtic compositions from the best Russian Celtic bands who performed at Moscow concert venues for many years, such as: Si Mhor, Art Ceilidh, Puck and Piper, Telenn Gwad, Mervent, Slua Si, Clann Lir and Vladimir Lazerson. This is a classic of the genre!

Russian musical groups began to play traditional Celtic music since the 1990s, but it gained special popularity in the early 2000s, when concerts and festivals of Celtic music were held everywhere and collected the largest number of listeners. By the way, the very first release of our music publishing house Sketis Music, was the first collection of Celtic music in Russia "Keltomaniya", also compiled by Mikhail Smirnov. The "first" Keltomania included the compositions of the same Si Mhor, Art Ceilidh, Telenn Gwad.

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