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SKMR-107 Vasily Evhimovich - Hurdy-gurdy, Accordion and Vasily Evhimovich. Russian Folk Songs (2014)

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Vasily Evhimovich is the artist specializing in performance of authentic traditional Russian songs which he sings to the hurdy-gurdy and accordion, as well as a-capella, and with friends. Vasily also manufactured Russian wheel lire (hurdy-gurdy) by himself. This album was recorded in his studio-workshop in the village Povodnevo in Yaroslavl region on the Volga River.
The album includes songs from the headwaters of the Oka river, as well as songs from Belgorod, Russian North, Siberia and even from Tatarstan.

Vasily Evhimovich - vocals, hurdy-gurdy, accordion
Julia Kuchugurnaya - vocals
Olga Loginova - vocals
Alexander Kapustin - vocals

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